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A O Show – for outburst of emotions

When night falls on Ho Chi Minh City, different crowds of people look for different entertainment services, and A O Shows can bring about outburst of emotions for the audience. The light from the municipal Theater of Ho Chi Minh city welcomed us and those who are interested in that special kind of performance called A O (Ah Oh) Show. Not only its special name but also a huge basket hung at the front hall really aroused curiosity. Enjoying a A O Show is a must-do experience in any tour in Ho Chi Minh to discover the city by night.
A O Show - Ho Chi Minh city tour by night
Rural features inside the city

When entering the main hall, we were even more surprised at the arrangements on the stage. It was not magnificent or colorful. Instead, there was only a black background, flattering the yellow bamboo baskets of different sizes arranged in an eye-catch way.

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