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Dinner street culinary experience at Cau Pagoda

When leisurely wandering around the ancient town and joining this unique culinary space in Hoi An, Rueyo Fabien and 45 French visitors exclaimed that eating in streets and looking at the sparkling lights of the ancient town made them feel fantastic. At dusk, some lanterns welcome the dark by their colorful light. Rueyo Fabien added: “In Hoi An, every street takes to Cau Pagoda”.

At that place, an ancient night is opened with a new experience of the daily life. The streets, pagodas and people are all filled with emotion. Flower garlands and colored lanterns are floating. The sound of some fluted are echoed, grabbing at the daylight and then releasing in the evening the longing sound. The whole group is amazed at what are displayed in front of them: a cottage roof, bamboo table and rickshaw of the past. It is a start for the new experience when the night party takes place within the ancient town.
Hoi An dinner street culinary experience night tour
Dinner street in Hoi An
In addition, it seems that the desire to control the nature of local people by Thu Bon River was aroused when the story about the legend of humming-top was told in that space. Legend has it that Cau Pagoda was built by a Japanese businessman as a short sword stabbed into the sea monster’s back. The humming-top, the sea monster was reckoned to have its head in India, back in Hoi An
and tail in Japan. It often caused serious floods and earthquakes. After that, Chinese and Vietnamese people built a temple and asked Mr. Bac De Tran Vu to worship.

After that, guests can witness the statue of Mr. Bac De Tran Vu in the pagoda. He had a red face with hands holding a snake and feet trampling upon the tortoise in the

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