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Enrich your travel experience with Cu Lao Cham Hoi An

Located in Tan Hiep Island Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Cham Islands is about 15km from Cua Dai seashore.

Since the tourism of the island is aimed at the permanent and environment friendly development, Cham Islands is an ideal destination for new experiences.

From Hoi An, you can travel to Cham Islands by canoe or boat. Although traveling by canoe only takes about 20 minutes, most visitors choose to travel by boat as it is cheaper than traveling by canoe and visitors can experience enough of local culture when slowly floating on boat and immersing in the sea and sky here.

In Cham Islands, you can hire a boat to tour around the island or dive to view coral reefs. Beaches on the island are natural and clean with smooth sand.
These beaches are scattered with stones creating the diversity of strata and geomorphology.

The seawater of Cham Islands is so turquoise and clear that we can see tens of meters into the sea bed. As a famous reserve for its biological diversity with many valuable species, most of tours at Cham Islands offer diving for coral reefs.
Diving in Cu Lao Cham - Cham Island Hoi An tour
Cham Islands tour offers diving for coral reefs

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