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Fascinating Hanoi street food tour

This morning I woke up quite early for a Street Food Tour! There were six of us Westerners on the tour led by the Chef from the Cooking School. We started off with a traditional Beef Pho Breakfast which did not disappoint.
Pho Hanoi Street food tour by Ashley Voticky
A hot bowl of Pho Hanoi

Then we progressed to walking around the street market. We saw all types of food for sale including brains, lungs, and ears of all animals and down to snails, crickets, and all kinds of vegetables I have never heard of. It was really great to see all the different stuff. The Chef explained to us that the market opens around 6:00 with the live animals and they start slaughtering them right there at their stalls to prepare for sale. There are no refrigerators but all the meat is sold by 13:00 when they go for siesta. Then they collect whatever the men have been working on at home and go back to the market around 14:30 to sell more stuff. The markets don’t need refrigeration because the flow of food is so incredibly fast. On average for a Vietnamese family from slaughter to table food is only around for three hours! Pretty crazy!!

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