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Halong acknowledged a must-see attraction in Vietnam

Halong Bay is the perfect getaway for those who want to escape from the busy life and return to the tranquil moments when watching the sun slowly set on the sea.

The Bay of Descending Dragon has become a popular tourist destination in Vietnam’s northern region for over the past two decades. It is the best place for exploring wonderful limestone caves as well as joining adventure activities like kayaking or rock climbing.

Thanks to the recent breakthroughs in infrastructure development, the influx of investment and the efforts of the local authorities, tourists are now easy and convenient to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi. It takes you only 3-4 hours to reach this mysterious land when you take part in a day tour from Hanoi

Joining a two-day cruise on Halong Bay, you will have unforgettable experiences when admiring the 
Must-see Halong Bay Vietnam - day tour from Hanoi
spectacular seascape of 1969 limestone karsts and isles and learning more about the basics of geology and geomorphology of this region. The beauty of Halong bay through your own eyes is said to be more marvelous than that in pictures and videos. In particular, it’s surely a worthwhile experience to go kayaking on the tranquil sea to touch the limestone mountains and contemplate the yellow hues at 


According to Vietnam Discovery Travel, Halong Bay is one of the most ideal destinations for family trip, holidays, honeymoons together with kayaking (if the weather permits). Also, there are a variety of interesting things to do in each Halong bay discovery tour, which still await your exploration. 

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