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Rediscovering noon in Hoi An

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At 11:30, I headed out to try and purchase some plants for my new home. As I crossed the bridge into town, I noticed gates closing, feet up, and streets emptying.

As I reached the garden shop, I asked the man what time he was closing to eat lunch. “Noon” was his reply, and the store would be re-opening at 3pm. Not wanting to hold up his lunch, I left and headed out for another shop. I soon found that most of the stores I needed to go to at this time were closed for their midday "siesta".

Having recently switched over from tourist to resident, this day-break was a new concept to me. My western mind was still wrapped up in getting where I want, when I want, regardless of the time of day.

I headed back home, somewhat aggravated, that my midday errands might not happen after all.  But after some reflection, I had to smile
Mid-noon at Hoi An ancient town - Hoi An day tour
Mid-noon at Hoi An Ancient Town
knowing that this noontime rest, though an inconvenience for me, meant for others a chance to return home, relax, eat a good meal, and spend more time with their family- something that occurs less and less in the western world.

It is just these simple daily changes that attract so many tourists from other parts of the world. They experience a whole different lifestyle,
sense of family and friends, and there is an atmosphere of tranquility and happiness. This is perhaps one of the many reasons that the Vietnamese people appear so friendly and cordial to tourists. Everyone is not so wrapped up in a 9-5 daily crunch, with little conversation and no familial interaction.

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