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7 Jan

Fascinating Hanoi street food tour

This morning I woke up quite early for a Street Food Tour! There were six of us Westerners on the tour led by the Chef from the Cooking School. We started off with a traditional Beef Pho Breakfast which did not disappoint.   A hot bowl of Pho Hanoi Then we progressed to walking around the street market. We saw all types of food for sale including brains, lungs, and ears of all animals and down to snails, crickets, and all kinds of vegetables I have never heard of. It was really great...

5 Jan

Vietnam included in Top 5 “must-visit” countries 2015

According to the Malaysia’s independent newspaper, Malay Mail Online, Vietnam has been recently voted as one of the top five suggested destinations for travelers for the coming year. The newspaper also reported that Vietnam has declared 2015 its national year of tourism, meaning that there has never been a better time to visit. In the year of 2015, there will be many special cultural events and shows for tourists, organizing at the country’s monuments and cultural heritage sites, such as the imperial fortress of Thang Long. In addition, the central coastal...

30 Dec

Tet Festival – a cultural feature of Vietnam

When the spring colors cheerfully cover all roads and streets, everything grows and trees from buds, everyone temporarily puts aside all the intricate affairs, worry and anxiety, to prepare for those things necessary for our national traditional Tet. In the good weather of spring, human hearts are joyful, and nothing is more meaningful when all the family together join the festivities, and pilgrimage to the origin, and take part in significant folk games, with best wishes for good health and peace to the family in the new year. The richness of...

26 Dec

Top 10 best-value destination 2015 listed Mekong Delta

Rough Guides, a famous British publisher of travel and reference guides, has recently chosen the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in World’s Top 10 best value destinations of 2015. The result was based in some main criteria, including money saving, worth to experience, and the ability of travelers to integrate, and explore the daily life and culture of local people. The Rough Guides started its article by talking about the attractiveness of the Mekong Delta. It affirmed that “A pocketful of dong still goes a very long way in this delta region,...

24 Dec

Top 4 “must-visit” hotspots 2015 named Vietnam

The online travel agency Destinia.com has recently praised Vietnam as one of top 4 travel hotspots of the next year 2015. “Vietnam will further promote a number of activities towards its National Tourism Year 2015”, the website remarked.   The must-see Halong Bay appeals a huge number of tourists This is an important event for Vietnam tourism as foreign visitors will get better understanding about tangible and intangible cultural values and beautiful landscapes of the country. To help you know more about the small but beautiful country, Cityinsight.vn takes great pride to offer...