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16 May

A O Show – for outburst of emotions

When night falls on Ho Chi Minh City, different crowds of people look for different entertainment services, and A O Shows can bring about outburst of emotions for the audience. The light from the municipal Theater of Ho Chi Minh city welcomed us and those who are interested in that special kind of performance called A O (Ah Oh) Show. Not only its special name but also a huge basket hung at the front hall really aroused curiosity. Enjoying a A O Show is a must-do experience in any tour...

16 May

How to explore Nha Trang in one day

Besides the long coastline with turquoise blue sea and brilliant white sand beach, the coastal city of Nha Trang also offers tourists a different perspective via four specially designed tours. Nha Trang one day tours What will you do if you only have one day in Nha Trang and get tired of swimming in the sea? Let’s design your day tour in Nha Trang by taking a bicycle discovery tour to the traditional craft villages around the coastal city. On the cycling along the Cai River, you can stop to visit the stoves...

13 May

Thanh Ha Pottery Village listed among favorite craft ones

Being one among Quang Nam’s famous sightseeing spot and lying on the route between two World Cultural Heritage sites including Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary, Thanh Ha Pottery Village was recently chosen as one among the three favorite traditional craft villages under the “Vietnam’s most attractive destinations in 2015” Awards. Traveling from the ancient town, visitors can get to the pottery by bus or boat. In order to witness the unique way artisans keep the ancient pottery profession, a newly-launched Hoi An jeep tour will transfer you to...

20 Apr

Ethnology Museum wins “Most attractive destination in Vietnam”

According to Vietnam Tourism Association, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (VME) has recently won the prize of “Most Attractive Destination in Vietnam in 2015”. Situated in Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Ethnology Museum has been under management of the Nation Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities since its establishment in 1995. Joining a Hanoi city tour to Ethnology Museum, visitors can get an insight into the 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam with full of information detailing traditional Vietnamese ways of life, from religious events to the symbolic rituals. Vietnam Museum of...

20 Apr

How to get from Ho Chi Minh to Mekong Delta

Dubbed as the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta of Vietnam leaves great impression as a water world where boats, houses, restaurants and even markets float upon many rivers, canals and streams flowing through the region like arteries. The charm in little-visited riverside cities, sample fruits traded in the colorful and bustling floating markets, or feast on home-cooked delicacies before home-stay overnight with hospitable local hosts will appeal to every visitor joining Mekong delta tour to explore the Southern delta of Vietnam.   Floating market - unique and typical of Mekong...