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20 Apr

A trip to Cu Chi Tunnels

Driving about one hour and a half in a half-day tour from Ho Chi Minh City, you will reach the land of Cu Chi District with its popular famous war heritage of Cu Chi Tunnels. During the past, the tunnels contributed to the victory of Vietnam communist government over the America and South Vietnamese army as it was used to be the base where the “Viet Cong” used to organize the 1968 Tet Offensive. Stretching more than 200km underground with three levels deep, Cu Chi Tunnels consists of many branches which...

20 Apr

Architectural masterpieces of Hue Royal Tombs

Hue Monuments cannot be perfect without the royal tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. They are considered as important parts of the complex of Hue. Although the Nguyen Dynasty has 13 Kings, there are currently only 7 tombs which are kept intact: Tomb of Emperor Gia Long (built in 1814-182), Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang (built in 1840-1843), Tomb of Emperor Thieu Tri (built in 1847), Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc (built in 1864-1867), Tomb of Emperor Dong Khanh (built in 1888), Tomb of Emperor Duc Duc (built in 1889) and...

6 Apr

About the ancient Citadel of Hue

Sitting on the North bank of Perfume River and overlooking the South is Kinh Thanh Hue (or Hue Citadel), which has a unique combination of western architecture and an oriental rampart structure. Built under Emperors Gia Long and Minh Mang, though the citadel has witnessed the 2-century ups and downs of history, its 140 structures still preserve almost exactly like the originals. The Hue citadel comprises three layers of ramparts: Kinh Thanh (Hue Capital Citadel), Hoang Thanh (Royal Citadel) and lastly Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Citadel). If you want to get...

6 Apr

Hue Festival 2016 features hot air balloons

During Hue Festival 2016, an international hot air balloon performance will be organized from May 4th-5th in order to not only diversify activities of the festival but also contribute to promote the 9th Hue Festival.   The show will see the participation of foreign pilots and balloonists coming from Thailand, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, the US and the Philippines. Joining the festival, visitors will have a chance to see hot air balloons flying at an altitude of 300-500m and radius of 5-10km as well as mini balloons anchoring to...

4 Apr

Guides for Cai Be floating market

The Mekong Delta is highlighted by a variety of floating markets on Mekong River. Cai Be Floating Market is one among the tourist magnets of the river delta. Best time to visit Cai Be is in the early morning when it is the most bustling and colorful.  Only 2-hour-drive from Ho Chi Minh City, you can reach a small but charming town of Cai Be (in Tien Giang Province).During a full-day visit to Cai Be, you will have a chance to visit many of colorful fruit and vegetable gardens, traditional handicraft workshops,...