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17 Nov

Royal Dance in Hue Imperial Citadel

With a development process through various dynasties in Vietnam from Dinh Dynasty in the 10th century to the Nguyen Dynasty in the early 20th century, royal dance originated to serve royalty, and was performed at different royal ceremony occasions. The Vietnamese royal dance has been fixed the form clearly in the Viet and Cham people community.  For Vietnamese locals, the great majority of royal dances aimed at wishing the sovereign and his family happiness, prosperity and longevity. For example, the origin of the various forms of Mua quat (fan dance) and...

17 Nov

Ha Giang to organize the first buckwheat festival

When traveling to the Northern mountainous province of Ha Giang in middle November, tourists can take part in the first buckwheat festival, which kicked off on the Dong Van Stone Plateau on November 12. As far as you can see, the buckwheat is a kind of plant which is grown in clusters of small, pinkish-white flowers and produces triangular, edible seeds. Each year, the ethnic minority of H’Mong people cultivates two crops of buckwheat in this mountainous area.   Ha Giang is famous for buckwheat flower fields Actually, the flowers are sensitive to sunlight...

26 Sep

Rough Guides: Best tour itinerary in Vietnam

Those who wish to plan itinerary for next backpacking trip to Vietnam, Rough Guides will help to customize an ideal one to discover the most highlighted destinations in Vietnam. It also emphasized the list of must-see highlights that every tourist should not miss during the trip in Vietnam. The starting point of the Vietnam city tour is Hanoi capital. The next one is Halong Bay, where tourists can go for a sail around the famed natural wonder of the world. The discovery tour in Vietnam continues with a trip to the northern hills to...

29 Jun

BuzzFeed praises street food of Vietnam

The BuzzFeed has recently featured Vietnamese grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves in a short clip of praising street food throughout the world. The clip is talking about the grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves (Vietnamese called Bò nướng lá lốt), which is best when being served with beer or wine. Particularly, it is regarded as a favorite snack of many Saigonese.   In addition to this street food of Vietnam, cuberdon candy of Belgium, barbecued pork and Balut of the Philippines, Doner Kebab of Turkey, hotdog of the US, Kerak Telor...

15 Jun

Tasting delicious Vac cake in Hoi An

One of the best street foods in Hoi An, Vietnam that visitors should not miss when traveling to this ancient town is the Vac Cake (dubbed as White Rose), which is made from simple ingredients of rice flour and fresh shrimp. After the most famous dishes in Hoi An, Cao Lau and Quang Noodle, you will surely remember the cake which is very simple but tasted well in your mouth. Where to enjoy? Banh Vac (White Rose) in Hoi An Visitors to Hoi An can enjoy the delicious Vac Cake at a small restaurant...