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27 May

Enrich your travel experience with Cu Lao Cham Hoi An

Located in Tan Hiep Island Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Cham Islands is about 15km from Cua Dai seashore. Since the tourism of the island is aimed at the permanent and environment friendly development, Cham Islands is an ideal destination for new experiences. From Hoi An, you can travel to Cham Islands by canoe or boat. Although traveling by canoe only takes about 20 minutes, most visitors choose to travel by boat as it is cheaper than traveling by canoe and visitors can experience enough of local culture when slowly floating...

18 May

Hanoi & HCM recognized cities for a low budget vacation

According to Dr Prem – a famous travel and tourism guide website, Hanoi (the capital city of Vietnam – in the North) and Ho Chi Minh City (in the South) have been listed among top 05 cities which are suitable for a low budget vacation in 2015. Accordingly, the daily tentative spending estimates, including expense for food, accommodation and transport, were shown in terms of USD. Hanoi: It is estimated that the tourist budget for one day in Hanoi may run into US$17.4. Foreign tourists to Hanoi have no worries as...

7 Apr

Hanoi ranked in Top 10 World’s best destinations

The world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor, has recently announced the 2015 Travelers' Choice awards for Destinations List, in which Hanoi listed 4th in the top 10 Travelers’ Choice Destinations.  The result was based on millions of valuable reviews and feedbacks from TripAdvisor travelers and honored 469 top travel destinations all over the world. Thanks to the charming Old Quarter, monuments, French-style architecture while making room for modern developments alongside, Hanoi capital is worthy to hold the 4th place in the Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Destinations. In addition, according to TripAdvisor, many...

16 Mar

Top 10 romantic destinations included Hoi An Vietnam

According to the US news station CNN, the ancient town of Hoi An – Vietnam has recently been honored in Top 10 little-known spots which are equally dreamy. Visitors to Hoi An can touch the story of formation and development of the city through its buildings and religious architectural works.       CNN describes, “Hoi An is the culinary capital of Vietnam with signature dishes which are seldom seen outside of the region.” The town also owed their complexity to centuries of trade in and out of what was one of Southeast Asia’s...

11 Mar

Nha Trang to launch sea walking tour

Visitors traveling to the coastal city of Nha Trang are offered a new and fascinating tour to explore the undersea world: walking tour under the sea. To take part in this special tour, visitors have to wear a special helmet with oxygen supply and follow a tour guide. During a walking tour under the sea within 15 to 20 meters on the seabed, visitors have a fascinating experience when watching the corals and other sea creatures.   Nha Trang sea walking tour on a trial basis at Hon Mot Island According to Khanh...