Colorful Culture Stories of Vietnam - Unique Vietnam Cultures
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2 Aug

“Mua Vu Lan” is coming to each Vietnamese home

Right after Vietnamese Tet holiday, the 2nd largest annual traditional festival of Vietnam – Vu Lan Festival –widely takes place on the 14th and 15th days of the seventh lunar month. Vietnamese people often call this festival “Rằm Tháng 7” (“Rằm” means Full moon day; “Tháng 7” means the seventh month of lunar calendar). Legend has it that the 7th lunar month is the spirit month as a way to honoring the dead. On the full moon day of this month, people believe gate of the hell opens and thus, souls...

27 Jun

Vietnamese Tet Customs and Ceremonies

Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet as it's more commonly known, is the Vietnamese celebration of the Lunar New Year. Literally meaning the first morning of the New Year, it is the most important cultural and religious holiday for Vietnamese Americans.   Chung Cake - one of the traditional Vietnam food in Tet Festival Marking the arrival of spring, it is a time for family reunions and fresh beginnings. Families place offerings before the ancestral altar and give thanks to elders and ancestors. Painstaking care is taken to start the year out right since it...

24 Jun

Vietnamese Traditional Cheo or Popular Opera

The Red River Delta is the cradle of Traditional Chèo, one of the cultural heritages of Vietnam. The Red River Delta is said to be rich in folk songs, in funny stories, in proverbs and sayings, in allegories, etc.  The land, the sites and beautiful spots are deeply impressed in stories narrated by village yard Chèo performances. Generations gone by, Chèo becomes more and more selected and enriched and it’s a typically artistic style.   Vietnamese traditional Cheo, one of the cultural heritages of Vietnam   Since its birth, Chèo has been an attraction to...

11 Jun

A Vietnamese traditional music of Chau Van singing

A religious form of art, Chau Van (frequently called Trau Van), is a sophisticated combination between singing and dancing. Chau Van is performed so as to praise the merits of beneficent deities or national heroes. The music and poetry in Chau Van are mixed with a variety of rhythms, pauses, tempos, stresses and pitches.   Chau Van - a religious form of Vietnam art performance     Two kinds of Chau Van Singing   Chau Van Singing is classified into two main kinds, which are Hat Tho (worshiping singing) and Len Dong. Hat Tho (worship singing) is the...

5 Jun

Vietnamese Folk Music

Tuong (Tuồng) Orchestra Tuong Orchestra is the orchestra of Tuong stage – a kind of traditional court performing art of Vietnam. Tuong stage derives from Xi Ju opera of China which entered Vietnam in Thien Bao’s years (1279-1284) in the Tran dynasty and, they were gradually Vietnamized from performing, singing to the orchestra to become traditional stage of Vietnam with creativities full of native characteristics. Tuong stage with tragedy plays shows heroic roles of loyal sentiments thought. Therefore, art forms supporting it must be suitable with violence and strained nature. So, the...

1 Jun

Dong Ngu Puppetry to symbolize for Red River Delta Culture

Located in Ngu Thai Commune, Bac Ninh Province, not very far from Hanoi Capital, Dong Ngu Village is famous for its typical traditional art forms of Northern Vietnam, that is WATER PUPPETRY. History of Dong Ngu water puppetry There has been no evidence to prove the origin of water puppetry until now; nevertheless the older villagers often said that this traditional art form came from the late Ly Dynasty. In the centre of Dong Ngu Village situated a traditional puppet room, which is for worshipping the ancestor of Dong Ngu Puppetry....

1 Jun

Xoan singing – A unique, long-standing folk treasure

Along with Ca Tru and Quan Ho Folk Singing, Xoan Singing was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Vietnam in 2011. The article below which was written by musician Cao Khac Thuy will give readers an overview of this unique and long-standing folk treasure of Vietnam. Xoan singing - an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Vietnam Xoan singing from the villages in the ancestral land of Phu Tho is usually performed in the springtime. Legend has it that, in the era of the Hung Kings, a beautiful lady named To Hoa was...

23 May

The Exotic Sounds of Ca Tru

Besides the Nha Nhac Hue – the Royal Refined Music (in the Central), Quan Ho Folk Song and Xoan Singing of Phu Tho Province (in the North), Ca Tru Singing is one of the long-standing music of Vietnam, which is recognized as World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. This kind of traditional music has passed by tradition from one generation to another. It is now in need of urgent safeguarding. Ca Tru music sounds strange to the uninitiated. Clicks and clacks accompany the centuries old ballads. It is not the...

22 May

Áo Dài: History and Significance in Vietnamese Culture

Looking at my mom’s old school pictures, (I) Isabella was inspired to write this article about one of the key essence of Vietnamese culture: the Ao Dai.  Coincidentally, Neil also did a write-up about the ao dai so we decided to combine our two pieces into this story today. The beauty and gracefulness of this dress leave a deep impression in foreigners  who visit Vietnam, and it has a strong effect in our hearts as well.   There are many things that deeply impress people about Vietnam; among them is the Áo Dài. Those...