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4 Apr

Exclusive Hanoi home cooking class with Master Chef

Local market in HanoiIt’s no doubt that Vietnam cuisine is listed in Top most fantastic foods in Asian countries. Therefore, you will have no difficulties in finding a cooking class in Hanoi. However, not many of you know about a cooking class at home. It can be for sure that home cooking class can really be a worth-trying experience in Hanoi! Particularly, at Cityinsight.vn, you yourself can be guided to cookVietnamese traditional food by the professional 5-star Master Chef. 

As said in the itinerary for half-day Hanoi cooking tour, the Master Chef will herself pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and you will then transfer with her to the local market (on the way from your hotel to her house). At the market, she will show you a brief introduction into Vietnamese ingredients and herbs to cook each traditional food of Vietnam. After visiting market, you will come to the Master Chef’s home for your cooking class. At her home, you will not only learn how to cook dishes but also have a chance to experience the warm-hearted and hospitable atmosphere in a typical 3-generation family in Vietnam. Prepare a note to write down all things as the Master Chef will disclose you some secrets and tips for cooking Vietnamese dishes. And surely you will have a great way to impress your friends and appease your stomach if you practice as she tells you. 

Something about the Master Chef and her home: She was very friendly and helpful. She spoke very good English and was willing to answer all questions about Vietnamese cuisine. Her husband and grand-children were hospitable and friendly, too. We can enjoy a truly feeling of a home dinner at Vietnam!
Necessary ingredients for making Vietnamese dishes

Actually, a home cooking class may be a little bit more expensive, but worth it. My boyfriend (now I can called him husband) and I went to Hanoi for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam and both of us were interested in the home cooking class with the Master Chef while we were there. Of course, we had a wide range of selections for ourselves, including some cooking class at Hanoi’s Old Quarter (we only had to pay between $30-$40 if we gave it a try!). However, we – as a soon-to-be married couple – were really deeply impressed by the itinerary of a half-day cooking class at Master Chef’s home, which was exclusively customized by Cityinsight.vn. Therefore, we ended up taking this tour at Cityinsight.vn. And the tour surely didn’t let us down! We were really enjoyed the tour and all great food cooked by the Master Chef, especially the Vietnamese spring rolls! Definitely, it was such a great experience that you cannot miss when you are in Hanoi! Apart from cooking, you can take part in some Hanoi full day or half day city tours to enjoy its cultural and historical values!