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  • Cooking tour in Hanoi with Chef Mai
    This is a photo of our professional Chef Mai and our client Ms Alex, who gave herself chance to join our cooking tour in Hanoi in April, 2014. During the tour, Alex was instructed to prepare some traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as had great opportunity to enjoy a real Vietnamese meal with hospitable family of Chef Mai. Look at her smile to see how happy and satisfied she was with our cooking tour.
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  • Floating boat in Mekong Delta Tour
    Listen to our clients say after touring in Mekong Delta: "Mekong delta tour was a great experience. We learned how people make their delicacies and handicrafts. We love those free taste delicacies :). We had fun on boat rowing and driving the big boat. Another good thing about this tour is the foods. It's like we ate more than what we paid for and they served delicious Vietnamese cuisines. I will surely recommend City Insight if anyone wants to have a great vacation in Vietnam. And you can ask them to have Ms. Tea as their tour guide. Surely you will not regret having them. "
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  • Lunch at Bai Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City
    Our seven Philippine clients were having lunch at Bai Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, after a morning classic city tour. One of them praised that, "About the meal inclusion, we felt like we have eaten more than the $39-per-person tour cost. Bai Saigon served delicious Vietnamese food. ". We're very happy to hear you all enjoyed a day tour in Ho Chi Minh City.
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  • Taken photo with our tour guide Ms. Tea
    Our clients were very happy with their trip in Ho Chi Minh City, guided by our junior tour guide Ms Mai Khanh. They saids that "Ms. Tea or Mai Khanh the tour guide was really nice. In a city where English is a strange language, it helps a lot to have a guide like Ms. Tea. She brought us to key tourist spots in Ho Chi Minh, explained the significance of the sites, even the history of Saigon. Ms.Tea was really accommodating and hospitable. She went extra mile in helping us, she taught us where to buy cheap The North Face bags and other items.". In the photo, Ms Mai Khanh was sitting in the right.
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  • Foreign tourists happy with Ho Chi Minh City tour
    Foreign tourists happy with Ho Chi Minh City tour

    Photo by: Ms Phi - City Insight's Guide

    The photo is about Kirty Feist, an Australian tourist, and her friend, sitting on the two cyclos parking in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral when they joined Ho Chi Minh City tours. Both of them were happy in the last two days. They said that everything was amazing and their tour guide, Ms Phi, was so much fun and knowledgeable, particularly. They also wished to be back to Vietnam some days.
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  • Enjoying a half-day motor-bike tour in Hanoi
    They are Matt and Tanya, a couple who joined our Hanoi half-day tour on motorbike in 2013. Both of them praise that they were very happy with the fantastic, knowledgeable and friendly tour guide, who was willing and enthusiastic to introduce them the Vietnamese culture. Also, they were very fascinated by some places that aren't necessarily in tour guide books. Such a memorable and impressed motor-bike tour for them in Vietnam!
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  • Enjoying Nha Trang City tour
    Picture from our clients during their tour in Nha Trang City with Look at those big smiles! The kids are having a wonderful time there!
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