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  • Standing in front of the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City
    The photo was of our group client of seven Philippine travelers, who took part in our Ho Chi Minh Classic city tour. They were standing in front of the famous Reunification Palace, the 2nd stop-over during the day tour in Ho Chi Minh. Let's see how they gave feedback to us on TripAdvisor: "Overall, we had EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE. We loved Vietnam. We loved Ho Chi Minh. We loved the trip. Everything was really MEMORABLE. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CITY INSIGHTS, in fact, I have already recommended it to colleagues who will be traveling to the same city next week."
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  • Beautiful Vietnamese girls in Ao Dai
    Vietnamese Ao Dai is easily caught if you have chance to travel to the ancient capital of Hue as well as to stay in two modern and biggest cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to this elegant traditional dress, the beauty of Vietnamese girls are honourably portrayed. Hence, it's an ideal souvenir for foreign tourists upon leaving Vietnam, to remind them of a small but beautiful country that they have ever been to.

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