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Áo Dài: History and Significance in Vietnamese Culture

Looking at my mom’s old school pictures, (I) Isabella was inspired to write this article about one of the key essence of Vietnamese culture: the Ao Dai.  Coincidentally, Neil also did a write-up about the ao dai so we decided to combine our two pieces into this story today. The beauty and gracefulness of this dress leave a deep impression in foreigners  who visit Vietnam, and it has a strong effect in our hearts as well.
There are many things that deeply impress people about Vietnam; among them is the Áo Dài. Those who know about Vietnamese culture or join Vietnam tours are often fond of the Áo Dài. Áo Dài is Vietnam's national outfit; it is usually worn during special occasions such as Tet, holidays or weddings. Beside special occasions, Vietnamese high school girls also wear Áo Dài to class every day.
Let’s have a close look at the Áo Dài:
ao dai vietnam clothing
An example of Ao dai Vietnam
(1) Nut bam than ao: hooks (used as fasteners) and holes
(2) Khuy cổ: collar button
(3) Cổ áo: collar
(4) Đường may: seam
(5) Ống tay: sleeve
(6) Kích (eo): waist

(7) Tà trước: front flap
(8) Tà sau: back flap
(9) Nút móc kết thúc: main hook and hole
(10) Đường ben: inside seam
(12) Ống tay: sleeve

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