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19 Jan

Nha Trang – perfect rendezvous by the sea for Spring

In Spring, Nha Trang is always a fascinating destination for both domestic and international guests. In Nha Trang, with a hired motorbike or car, you can discover the land of the most beautiful bay in the world with your family and friends.

From Nha Trang to Van Phong bay, with a route of 50km, you can visit Dam Mon, Ong Islet or Doc Let to immerse in the blue sky and turquoise sea water. If you love souvenirs from the sea, buy some lovely shells at this fishing village. In addition, you can experience Heo islet, Ninh Van bay or Nha Phu bay nearby. In the bay, you can stay at Six Senses and An Lam Ninh Van Bay resorts.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay ResortHoa Lan stream and Monkey island are suitable for fun teambuilding programs. From Nha Trang, you should go to Ba Islet, where doctor Yersin experimented and lived until his death. Ba islet is always cool and pleasant and is perfect for young people, who would like to go camping and indulge in the breathtaking nature.

If you love waterfalls and streams, you can travel to Yang Bay tourist site to bathe in the cool water in the Spring. Furthermore, you can take a boat on Cai River to view tranquil fishing villages along the two banks of the river.

Nha Trang is attracts tourists for the fascinating day tour to the islands. It must be a great experience for every attendants. See more at: http://cityinsight.vn/nha-trang-island-tour.html
Foreign visitors were fascinated with monkeys

Yang Bay waterfall