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    After using your service last week, I would like to make a review. I have tried to ask several times how I can do so since your site is controlled and tells me I must be a client, which I was. I will await your prompt answer. Thank you, Anne
    Asked by Anne Donovan, 1771 days ago Comment View all 2 comment
  • hi
    Answered by hoc, 1747 days ago. 0 unhelpful.
    Dear Anne,
    We received your questions in our admin already and now as i understand your inqueries and we want to make clear as below:
    • We see that you are our customer after using our service but this payment link we created to you includes your information like email, name and nationaliy is not enough terms and conditions to summit review in our website. In order to do it, you shall login to have account with user name and your own password to submit in our website. Or you have to do online booking request by your own from the beginning.
    Many thanks and best regards,

    Victoria Nguyen (Ms.)
    Answered by Nguyen Ha, 1771 days ago. 1 unhelpful.
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