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Reviews Hanoi Half-day tour on motorbike

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  • Hi, the tour was great!

    Our tour guides were fantastic. Very knowledgable and very friendly.    
    We went on a motorbike tour in Saigon as well and it was comparable in quality today.  
    At home we don't really ride on motorcycles, so riding around on a scooter here was important as so many people do. Riding around on a scooter was a really great way to feel part of Hanoi. Some of my favourite moments today were just on the back of the scooter riding through the small streets. I think you could even spend a bit more time riding through the city and just pointing out things as you ride past. This is something very different for us.    
    The art museum and the university were very interesting, particularly because I work at a University. Others might not want to spend as much time, or may find it a little boring if it is too in depth. But I certainly enjoyed it today.     
    Our lunch was fantastic. It was really tasty, and it was good to go in to a shop with a local, as it made us feel not like tourists. It was great to sit down and talk with people who knew about Hanoi. We also liked that the lunch was not standard, but, our tour guide asked us what we have tried already in Hanoi, and then suggested Chicken Pho because we hadn't tried that yet - Great. Try and keep doing that stuff. Give people a few choices, it really is good and makes it feel very personal.   
    The more memorable things were going to places that aren't necessarily in tour guide books. Just local knowledge, and things that local vietnamese people do. Every day life and places for you may not seem significant, but, to us it is very different and interesting.  
    Overall, we are very happy with today, thank you very much for organizing. We will leave a review on Tripadvisor in the next few weeks when we return to Australia.  
    Matt and Tanya

    5 (Nov 13, 2013) by Mc Kinlay
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