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13 May

Thanh Ha Pottery Village listed among favorite craft ones

Being one among Quang Nam’s famous sightseeing spot and lying on the route between two World Cultural Heritage sites including Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary, Thanh Ha Pottery Village was recently chosen as one among the three favorite traditional craft villages under the “Vietnam’s most attractive destinations in 2015” Awards. Traveling from the ancient town, visitors can get to the pottery by bus or boat. In order to witness the unique way artisans keep the ancient pottery profession, a newly-launched Hoi An jeep tour will transfer you to the village. Furthermore, you can visit other craft villages such as Tra Que Organic Village, etc. More Hoi An tours for one day can be found at: http://cityinsight.vn/vietnam-city-tours/hoi-an.htmlThe pottery products of Thanh Ha Village have been popular since the 16th century. Up to now, local people are still keeping their traditional way to make pottery products as their ancestors. In the past, the Thanh Ha products were mainly functional like earthen pots, vases, cups, jars, bricks and tiles. However, the Thanh Ha villagers now make a diverse range of highly artistic products so as to meet the increasing demand of the market. Presently, it is estimated that there are nearly 100 households engaged in the craft, playing an important role in preserving and developing the traditional pottery craft.

Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village, visitors can:

Watch local artisans making beautiful pottery products
Learn about the traditional process still used to make a pottery product
Try to make their own pots under the careful instruction of the village’s artisans