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14 Jun

The ancient town of lanterns

Hoi An ancient town has many attractions for tourists to explore. Among them are traditional lanterns of different designs and colors. The beautiful masterpiece of this ancient town is a special product that tourists should not miss during the trip in Hoi An. Furthermore, it is believed that hanging a couple of lanterns in front of each Vietnamese’s house will surely bring warmth and happiness to family.

Thanks to its skill in design and durability, lanterns of Hoi An leave great impression on every tourist. Particularly, tourists will be attracted by many colors of lanterns, which shine the town by their red, white, yellow and purple at night.

You can find Hoi An lanterns in various sizes and shapes, including circle, garlic, diamond …; however, all of which are made from bamboo frames and covered with silk cloth.
Each lantern may cost you from several ten to hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese Dong. It all depends on each lantern’s size, colors and the quality of the surrounding fabric.

Hoi An lanterns are bought as gift or souvenirs for relatives and friends, as they are more beautiful, impervious to water and easy to clean as well was
to be packaged when traveling as they are made from brocade or silk. Moreover, they are also foldable enough to easily fit any suitcase or backpack. It is highly recommended that tourists should buy lanterns at night as you can see how they will look like once they are lit up. If someone has a chance to take a trip to Hoi An ancient town on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month – Vietnamese called Tet Doan Ngo, he will admire a picturesque scene of Hoi An glistening by various types of lit lanterns hung on every corner of this ancient town. You can see them at luxury restaurants, stores and even on boats on the Hoai River. In addition, lanterns can be seen at the Hoi An night market or at the doors of souvenir shops.
Where to buy Hoi An lanterns?

When traveling to Hoi An, you can easily buy Hoi An lanterns from some lantern shops in the ancient town, as followings:
·         Ngoc Thu Lantern Workshop: 109 Tran Phu Street
·         Nguyen Boi Lam Lantern: 97 Tran Phu Street
·         Sedge Ware Workshop: 32 Le Hong Phong Street
·         Hoi An handicraft workshop: 09 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street
·         Hoi An Lantern: 276/2 Cua Dai Street, Cam Chau Ward