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16 May

A O Show – for outburst of emotions

When night falls on Ho Chi Minh City, different crowds of people look for different entertainment services, and A O Shows can bring about outburst of emotions for the audience. The light from the municipal Theater of Ho Chi Minh city welcomed us and those who are interested in that special kind of performance called A O (Ah Oh) Show. Not only its special name but also a huge basket hung at the front hall really aroused curiosity. Enjoying a A O Show is a must-do experience in any tour...

20 Apr

A trip to Cu Chi Tunnels

Driving about one hour and a half in a half-day tour from Ho Chi Minh City, you will reach the land of Cu Chi District with its popular famous war heritage of Cu Chi Tunnels. During the past, the tunnels contributed to the victory of Vietnam communist government over the America and South Vietnamese army as it was used to be the base where the “Viet Cong” used to organize the 1968 Tet Offensive. Stretching more than 200km underground with three levels deep, Cu Chi Tunnels consists of many branches which...

4 Apr

Exclusive Hanoi home cooking class with Master Chef

Local market in HanoiIt’s no doubt that Vietnam cuisine is listed in Top most fantastic foods in Asian countries. Therefore, you will have no difficulties in finding a cooking class in Hanoi. However, not many of you know about a cooking class at home. It can be for sure that home cooking class can really be a worth-trying experience in Hanoi! Particularly, at Cityinsight.vn, you yourself can be guided to cookVietnamese traditional food by the professional 5-star Master Chef.  As said in the itinerary for half-day Hanoi cooking tour, the Master Chef...

21 Mar

10 charming points of Hanoi in the eyes of foreign travelers

Will Jones is a British traveler. Among the places he has visited, Hanoi left the most unforgettable emotions. “Hanoi is a city absolutely buzzing with energy. The sheer level of apparent chaos can be overwhelming for the uninitiated but quickly becomes clear there is an order to the mayhem. There will almost certainly be an element of sightseeing to your visit – the Temple of Literature and Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum are unmissable – but it will be the Old Quarter at dusk, the taste of street-side pho and the thrill...

13 Jan

Australian expat fancy of Vietnam cycling tour

Mark Waller has been passionate about riding a bicycle since his young age. To him, cycling is the only sport he loves.    The Australian expat often rides during his two years of living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Sometimes he even cycles to go to work. Waller said he was first impressed by the beautiful landscapes and roads he saw on a trip to Nha Trang, a resort city in the south-central region, which led him to follow his passion for cycling. He encouraged his friends who also like...

7 Jan

Fascinating Hanoi street food tour

This morning I woke up quite early for a Street Food Tour! There were six of us Westerners on the tour led by the Chef from the Cooking School. We started off with a traditional Beef Pho Breakfast which did not disappoint.   A hot bowl of Pho Hanoi Then we progressed to walking around the street market. We saw all types of food for sale including brains, lungs, and ears of all animals and down to snails, crickets, and all kinds of vegetables I have never heard of. It was really great...

15 Dec

The many shades of Hue

A warm and breezy morning on the banks of the Perfume River – groups of friends sit at the many plastic tables dotted along the tree-lined street, chatting quietly together and drinking tall, icy glasses of coffee. Lottery ticket sellers wander through, gently encouraging them to try their luck. On the water dragon boat rolls past and swan boats bob together on the horizon. In the distance the Vietnamese flag rolls in the wind, marking the entrance to the city’s ancient citadel. Welcome to Hue, a city that at times...

26 Nov

Rediscovering noon in Hoi An

At 11:30, I headed out to try and purchase some plants for my new home. As I crossed the bridge into town, I noticed gates closing, feet up, and streets emptying. As I reached the garden shop, I asked the man what time he was closing to eat lunch. “Noon” was his reply, and the store would be re-opening at 3pm. Not wanting to hold up his lunch, I left and headed out for another shop. I soon found that most of the stores I needed to go to at this...

28 Oct

Dinner street culinary experience at Cau Pagoda

When leisurely wandering around the ancient town and joining this unique culinary space in Hoi An, Rueyo Fabien and 45 French visitors exclaimed that eating in streets and looking at the sparkling lights of the ancient town made them feel fantastic. At dusk, some lanterns welcome the dark by their colorful light. Rueyo Fabien added: “In Hoi An, every street takes to Cau Pagoda”. At that place, an ancient night is opened with a new experience of the daily life. The streets, pagodas and people are all filled with emotion. Flower...

14 Oct

Visiting the religious Cao Dai Temple

If you want to dispel tetchiness and annoyance of daily stress of urban life, let us recommend you Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh Province for your ideal option. Escaping from the bustle, heat and dust of the outside world, the temple provides a sense of calm, peace and light. Built from 1933 to 1947 and stretched over 100 hectares, Cao Dai Temple is regarded as an exquisite architecture of the Vietnam-originated Cao Dai religion, or Caodaism. Getting inside into the temple, you can easily realize a combination of old and...