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23 May

Uncle Ho’s house recognized a special historical site

Uncle Ho’s house is located at No. 48 Hang Ngang Street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It is where President Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independence that gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2d, 1945. This ancient house has recently been acknowledged among nation’s special historical and cultural sites.

The 48 Hang Ngang Street belongs to Trinh Van Bo and was used to be the temporary residence of President Ho Chi Minh on his return from Viet Bac to Hanoi during the first days after the 1945 Revolution in August.

During the period time from August 25th to early September 194 staying and working at this house, President Ho together with the Standing Committee of the Party’s Central Committee laid down many important and significant policies on internal and external affairs, and nominated members to the new government. Particularly, all documents and original items related to the President’s life and work have been kept intact at the house.

On April 29th, 1979, the Ministry of Culture recognized this ancient house at 48 Hang Ngang Street as a cultural and historic value. This year, the house took great pride to be listed among 14 sites which are being acknowledged as National Special Relic Sites, according to the National Council for Cultural Heritage.

Tourists can visit to the ancient house of Uncle Ho from Monday to Friday in a week. It’s quite easy to visit this house by either coming there directly or booking a Hanoi city tour to visit this historical site, in along with other national relics inside Hanoi capital.