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Dalat City

Being just a small dot in the stretching Vietnam map but Dalat always makes those who ever come can’t keep off their eyes from the magical shoes bringing them to this wonderland and wonder what interesting are waiting for? Dalat – the flower paradise, magnificent French villas or just simple a favorably cool heaven that tourists must have lingered and don’t want to leave. Come with us and enjoy your peaceful life with a romantic city of Dalat!

  • Bao Dai Summer Palace - Dalat tour

    Bao Dai Summer Palace

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  • A city in fog - Dalat tour

    Dalat - a city in fog

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  • Truc Lam Zen Monastery - Dalat tour

    Truc Lam Zen Monastery

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  • Hang Nga Crazy House - Dalat tour

    Hang Nga Crazy House in Dalat

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  • Valley of Love - Dalat tour

    The Valley of Love

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  • Tuyen Lam Lake - Dalat tour

    Tuyen Lam Lake

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